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About Us


Originated in 1972, we are an all volunteer fire department, located about six miles east of the city of Aiken, South Carolina, in the rural community called Couchton. We serve 75 square miles with ten vehicles and a current membership of thirty firefighters, support personnel, and young cadets.  We provide fire protection, first responder medical calls, response and removal of individuals trapped in wrecked vehicles, and even help clear roadways after storms.    


How We Prepare

We train every Tuesday evening, combining hands-on practice with class lecture.  We clean and service our tools and equipment to make sure everything is in working order.  All that we learn and do prepares us to better serve our community of 6,000 citizens while keeping ourselves as safe as possible.  We train as if our life depends on it, because in many cases it does.


What We Do

We are here for our community.  As indicated by the chart, last year we responded to 254 calls.  All calls are categorized into types and of those, which are mutual aid.  Mutual Aid being where we assist neighboring fire departments with manpower and/or apparatus and they in turn assist us when needed.  

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Whether volunteering your time as a firefighter, first responder, support personnel, or a cadet, we welcome you.  To be a firefighter and/or a first responder you must be 18 years of age or older; cadets must be no less than 13 years of age.  When you join our department all equipment, all training, and life insurance is provided free of charge.  Drop by our department any Tuesday evening at 7:00pm to meet everyone and pick up an application.  

Couchton Fire & Rescue

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